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Rutt HandCrafted Cabinetry

Rutt Introduces Prairie Series at 2014 National Conference

New Holland, PA (October 2, 2014) – Rutt’s latest collaboration with renowned designer Scott A. Stultz, the Prairie series, was shown to dealers and designers at their 2014 Dealer Conference in Lancaster county, PA on October 2. It drew an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from attendees. Following up on the heels of the highly successful 2013 launch of the Ruskin series, also designed by Stultz, Prairie makes another strong case for excellence in distinctly American design, this time with modernist ethos.

Rutt Praire Series“We associate the word “prairie” with vastness; a landscape of seemingly endless space,” says Stultz. “In the world of design, it also names the 20th century American architectural movement that included Frank Lloyd Wright, William L. Steele, and Fay Jones, by those involved sought to create a uniquely American style not modeled after European ideas. The spirit of our Prairie series is similar in that regard, while in form it is something quite different from the work of the Prairie School, as well as departing from popular modern European minimalism. Crisp, clean, and freshly contemporary, it nonetheless is full of nuance and fine detail,” Stultz continues. He designed unique and elegantly simple bespoke hardware that is integral to the style, and is specific to Prairie, further differentiating it from other offerings on the market. The full kitchen display by which it was introduced at the conference included products from Miele and Franke, and a solid ash top from The Grothouse Lumber Company.
“After the success of Ruskin which leans more traditional, we felt it was important to turn our next efforts to a more contemporary aesthetic, and the bar was set high,” states David Roos, VP of Sales & Marketing for Rutt. “We are extremely pleased with how quickly the new Prairie series has been embraced by our dealers and their designers.”