Rutt HandCrafted Cabinetry
Rutt HandCrafted Cabinetry

Care & Maintenance


To give your cabinetry the good care it deserves requires only minor attention. The instructions listed below are considered normal maintenance for Rutt’s wood stained and painted finishes.


Wood & Finish Care
Regular maintenance should consist of a weekly dusting with a damp cloth and the daily removal of soil and grease around the cooking area. Use a fresh solution of mild soap and warm water, followed by a clean water rinse. For cleaning and rinsing use a soft cloth that is damp but not dripping wet, so excess water does not accumulate in corners. Use a soft towel to completely dry the surfaces of your cabinetry. Do not use an abrasive sponge, cleaners containing abrasive materials, harsh detergents, ammonia solutions, polishes, oils, waxes or oil soaps. Use of these types of materials and/or cleaners may void the warranty.
If a more thorough cleaning is required Rutt recommends Guardsman® Anytime Clean & Polish and Guardsman® Deep Clean Purifying Wood Cleaner to safely and effectively remove kitchen grease, cooking oils, smoke film, and several kinds of stains. These products can be purchased at


Cutting Board Care
If your cabinetry included a hardwood cutting board or chopping block, it was treated with an environmentally safe, non-toxic, salad bowl finish approved by the Food and Drug Administration. During use, we suggest you rinse it with clean water and occasionally apply a light coat of cooking oil to maintain a moisture barrier to the wood.


Acrylic Finish Care
Your Rutt cabinetry featuring a high gloss acrylic finish has been finished with one of our products that is the result of the latest technology and our approach to contemporary lifestyle solutions. Cared for properly, this finish will remain beautiful and functional for many years.


For everyday cleaning, use a soft cloth slightly dampened with a mild detergent. A more thorough cleaning may be achieved using a soft cloth dampened with a polish that does not contain wax. Never use any strong, abrasive cleaners or stiff paper towels on acrylic gloss finishes, as they will scratch the surface. Ammonia or alcohol based cleaners are not recommended. Use of ammonia-based products and silicone oils may damage the finish if used over a long period of time.